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New Zealand Freight Service and Freight Transport is easy with Express Cargo Ltd. Express Cargo Ltd (ECL) is a New Zealand freight service company which specialises in shipping fragile goods as well as time sensitive and perishable goods.

If you need to move fragile goods or goods of any description from one place to another, Express Cargo offers you superb New Zealand freight service and freight transport: Clear and precise communication and reporting procedures, Competitive rates, Pragmatic but creative solutions to transport problems, Excellent customer service.

Express Cargo has made a commitment to providing the best New Zealand freight service, freight transport and customer service possible, and is proud to say it can deliver your general and fragile goods anywhere, anytime.

Since first opening its doors for business in November 2000, Express Cargo has grown to become one of the country’s leading transport providers. Their ability to buy bulk space allows them to offer extremely competitive rates whatever your cargo is and wherever it needs to go.

ECL has grown to encompass a combined wealth of 134 years experience in the freight transport industry, together with 25 years in transport consultancy, freight brokerage and transport solutions.

Give us a call today to find out how Express Cargo can make your business run more smoothly. Better productivity means increasing your all-important bottom line, better profits for your business, and becoming better than your competition.

Express Cargo Ltd offers clients high quality New Zealand freight service and freight transport for all your general and fragile goods. Whether fragile goods or perishable, or general cargo consignments, we have a range of options available to ensure your products get to where they are needed on time and in excellent condition.

At Express Cargo we are committed to meeting the needs of all our clients, who include primary producers, exporters, airfreight forwarders, and manufacturers. A range of services is available to meet the needs of this diverse group and other services can be found if required.

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