NZ International Comedy Festival – Tim Wilson – TVNZ

Tim Wilson speaks at the NZ International Comedy Festival speaks of True Stories Out Loud. This edition is part of the Pantograph Punch True Stories out loud Apocalypse theme and features TVNZ foreign correspondent Tim Wilson (Journalist).

Based on international story telling groups like in New York (excerpts of which you may have heard on This American Life), Pantograph Punch’s True Stories Out Loud is our very own antipodean version. True Stories Out Loud performed as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival 2012. Bringing together all sorts (authors, playwrights, comedians, actors, directors, regular folk…) to tell you their personal, unscripted, live, 10 minute stories.

‘Amazing to be in the presence of people remembering, shaping stories in the moment. Funny, awkward, moving, beautiful.’ – Emily Perkins (author of Novel About My Wife & The Forrests)

The Apocalypse series covers the highs and lows of personal experiences, performed live as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival. Over four consecutive Saturdays come and hear the following people tell their TRUE STORIES OUT LOUD on the following themes:

There were a host of other storytellers as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival, including: Beth Allen, Kate Barnet, Oliver Driver, Guy Montgomery, Emily Perkins and more.

Other story themese operformed as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival included:
Stories on Revelation included: Tom Furniss, Stephen Anthony Maxwell, Tim Lambourne, Jesse Mulligan, Owen Scott, Rhys Mathewson
Stories on hitting Rock Bottom included: Guy Williams, Tim Wilson, Rose Matafeo, Nic Sampson, Arthur Meek, Sonja Yelich,
Stories on Redemption included: Wallace Chapman, Janey Godley, Joseph Harper, Jonothan GouldSusanna Andrew

Background on Tim Wilson:

Tim Wilson has been in the USA for more than 10 years working as a freelance journalist, six of those as TVNZ foreign correspondent in New York.

Simply put, this means he’s been trying to make sense of America for a New Zealand audience through the title of ‘foreign correspondent’. In a world of media cutbacks, Tim Wilson is one of few New Zealand voices reporting to a local audience on foreign events. Which, say what you want about the quality of the 6pm news, is an important role vanishing from our cultural landscape.

The TVNZ foreign correspondent job fell into Wilson’s lap through luck. A journalist friend of his, who was studying in New York on a Fulbright scholarship, left Wilson her phone when she left town. He’d been unable to get a phone in America, as he couldn’t get a social security number on a foreign media visa.

One day Pam Corkery called trying to get in touch with the previous owner of the phone for a job. After he had explained the confusion he boldly asked her, “so you were after a journalist?” From that conversation, Tim Wilson was now a foreign correspondent.

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