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Onehunga Indian restaurant, Curry Leaf offers delicious Auckland curry and Indian food including all of your favourite Indian food dishes. All of their dishes are affordable, ranging between $10 and $20 per meal, and all you need to do is call for your Onehunga takeaway.

Curry Leaf are a Onehunga Indian restaurant that have different meat options including chicken, lamb, fish and a range of vegetarian menu items. The service at Curry Leaf is always friendly and efficient, so come in and check out our appetizing Auckland curry or pick up the phone and call this Onehunga takeaway for your Indian food.

About Curry Leaf Onehunga Indian restaurant
Curry Leaf are Located in the heart of Onehunga Township. This Onehunga Indian restaurant is a traditional restaurant serving a great variety of all the traditional curries as well as delicious tandoori cuisine and authentic vegetarian choices. Auckland Curry Leaf provide Friendly and prompt service and a casual ambience. Curry Leaf trust that you will enjoy a truly unique and memorable dining experience whilst indulging yourself in the real taste on fine Onehunga takeaway and eat in Indian cuisine.

“What is Auckland curry, what is Indian food?”
It’s perhaps the hardest question of all to answer. Shakespeare once said-what’s in a name? Curry Leaf say -“a name is unique mark of individuality”!

If you look at all the different products on supermarket shelves all over the world With “curry” in their name you’d probably be forgiven for thinking that curry was just something that contained spices. Indeed many people would define curry as a spicy dish from India. Yet the word “curry” is not used as such in any of the scores of languages from the Indian sub continent. The term curry itself isn’t Really used in India, except as a term appropriated by the British to generically categorize a large set of different soup/stew preparations ubiquitous in India and always containing ginger, garlic, onion, turmeric, chilli and oil and which must have seemed all the same to the British, being all yellow/red, oily, spicy/aromatic, and too pungent to taste anyway.

The definition of a restaurant curry is – a dish made with dried and fresh spices cooked in oil with sauce made from puréed onion, garlic and ginger. The variety of spices used can be extensive but the commonest are chilli, cumin, coriander and turmeric. In keeping with tradition of curries as illustrated above, we serve a great variety of Delhi style food (Punjabi) – delicious Tandoor cuisine, authentic vegetarian choices coupled with Indian-Chinese.

Mild, medium or hot, you order it, Curry Leaf prepare it!
“Unpretentious, casual ambience, friendly staff, prompt service, lip smacking Delhi style curries like (‘Delhi da butter chicken’), truly affordable.” After all “Variety is the spice of life!” or shall we say “Curry is the spice of life!”
So Enjoy***

So the next time you are looking for a delicious Onehunga takeaway or eat in Onehunga Indian restaurant, then look nor further than the delicious Indian food on offer by Curry Leaf.


Curry Leaf Kajol

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