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The Owner Manager Course Taster Dinner run by the ICEHOUSE Business Growth Centre.

The Owner Manager Course run by The ICEHOUSE Business Growth Centre is a 5-MONTH COURSE. ALL THE SKILLS YOU WANT. Over 600 businesses have been transformed by The ICEHOUSE Owner Manager Course. With the right tools, confidence and renewed focus, we completely change your profitability, growth, employment opportunities and market penetration.

By implementing a strategic growth plan, the Owner Manager Course provides you with the necessary skills to help manage turbulent phases while setting you on the path to greater successes.

You’ll develop your skills through sessions with ICEHOUSE coaches, external experts and fellow owner-managers. Throughout the five-month course you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself as an individual and business owner, along with a clearer sense of where you’re going and how to get there.

The course runs in blocks of three days per month. This is followed by two single-day implementation workshops three months apart. The five blocks start at 9.30am on the Thursday and run through to 3.30pm on the Saturday.


The Owner Manager Course is specifically for Owner Manager with a business generating over $3m in revenue. You will benefit from the Owner-Manager Course if you can relate to the following:
* You are a successful business owner whose business has evolved alongside you
* You need to transition the business in some way
* You are too busy working in your business, rather than on your business
* You see greater potential and opportunity for your business
* You have worked without mentors or a close support network
* You suffer from high stress levels or loss of excitement and motivation
* You work long hours, and have poor work / life balance


The ICEHOUSE Owner Manager Course leaves owner-managers with a heightened awareness of what drives business growth. You will acquire new skills and techniques to add to your existing tool kit. Benefits include:

* Step outside the day-to-day functions of your business
* Identify your changing leadership role
* Formulate a business plan that better addresses higher growth and profitability
* Explore new ideas with like-minded people in similar situations
* Implement your learnings and compare notes with the group
* Learn how to build your business off-shore
* Develop your people-management skills
* Build strong networks with attendees as well as an ongoing relationship with The ICEHOUSE
* Discover a renewed passion for your business

For more information on the Owner Manager Course Available from ICEHOUSE Business Growth Centre please go here http://www.theicehouse.co.nz/owner-managed/owner-manager-programme/


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