Rebuilding Christchurch – The tenant strategy

Jonathan Doughty discusses the tenant strategy for rebuilding Christchurch. Creating space in Christchurch CBD retail, food and leisure development, for rebuilding Christchurch CBD and creating space.

The tenant strategy explains the importance of creating space in Christchurch CBD. The tenant strategy will incorporate retail, food and leisure as well as office, which will create space that the people of Christchurch will enjoy every day. The tenant strategy will be accomplished through the Christchurch Investment Fund and will aid in rebuilding Christchurch.

The devastating earthquake in early 2011 has left the city of Christchurch, New Zealand in ruins with key buildings needing to be rebuilt or relocated. Despite the tragedy, this is now a perfect opportunity to rebuild most of the city in a more sustainable way, using the best eco-friendly techniques and materials. Investment returns are promising.

Jonathan Doughty is the Managing Director of Coverpoint Catering Consultancy, which specialise in foodservice in the retail and leisure environments and in business and industry. Jonathan Doughty and the team operate in over 45 countries and have significant experience in developing new and exciting concepts. Jonathan Doughty will be one of many individuals playing a key role in rebuilding Christchurch with the help of the Christchurch Investment Fund.

The major earthquakes of 4th September 2010 and 22nd February 2011 devastated the New Zealand city of Christchurch. The city has been left with a multitude of social, economic and environmental issues. With much of the CBD not operating and structurally unsafe, the local population has lost jobs and businesses. There is an urgent need to provide financial and other support to the people of Christchurch most affected by the earthquakes to assist them in re-establishing their lives and livelihoods. It is clear that New Zealand Government money and insurance money will not be enough to regenerate the city. Inward investment is going to be required to assist the process, in order to establish what the future of Christchurch is.

The Christchurch Fund and the tenant strategy talks about how to rebuild Christchurch to be a sustainable city that will last for the next 100-150 years whilst still holding onto that historic character which Christchurch is so well known for.

The Christchurch Investment Fund is an impact investment platform that affords investors the opportunity to receive a market related financial return on their investment whilst also contributing to the long-term social, economic and environmental regeneration of Rebuilding Christchurch. The fund will co invest with ideas and capital raised in Christchurch. The fund will supply international capital and expertise as required. Impact Investments are structured to solve social and/or environmental challenges, at the same time as generating financial returns. Typically these investors are committed to doing well while doing good.

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