Ride the Wave – About this Series

This Ride the Wave video series takes you on the incredible and real journey of growing and building a global tech startup.

These days, 90 Seconds is one of the leading video creation platforms in the cloud.And a company with over 100 people, in 6 global bases and 15 million dollars in revenue and growing. But it hasn’t always been that way. And we’ve built this with bloody sweat and tears, and really, we’re just getting started.

This series is 100% the real deal. No scripting or planning. Just fly on the way, putting you on the inside, where you can see and maybe enjoy and learn something from what’s going on. The Ride the Wave video series starts in early 2015. We’re about 25, bases in a few countries and about 4000 videos produced on our platform.

We decided to turn the cameras on ourselves and use our own platform to create this series and let you guys behind the scenes. You’ll see us go through some major challenges. You’ll see the energy and intensity of this global team working together to build a work-class business. Those who dare to make something bigger than all of us.

You’ll see some of what it takes to succeed in things like opening global offices, hiring almost 90 people from 13 nationalities across 9 countries, building a world-class product, winning and delivering success to a global customer base, building a brand and a sales team, and raising millions of dollars in funding by partnering with one of the world’s best technology investors, the guys behind google, WhatsApp and Airbnb.

You’ll meet the people who make it happen, and you’ll travel around the word with me and the team.
It’s the journey of our dreams and we’re making it a reality every day. You’ll see things unfold almost as fast as we do. Sometimes what happens and what a team is capable of is nothing short of absolutely mind-blowing.
Join us on the journey and make it part of yours. Subscribe to see the latest episodes… and ride the wave with us.

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