Sales and Marketing Jam Christchurch @Epic Innovation Hub

Sales and Marketing Jam Christchurch at the Epic Innovation Hub

Sales and Marketing Jam Christchurch at the Epic Innovation Hub:

Building a business is hard, building a global business is even harder Sales is the life blood of business at all stages. The best product and technology is of no value unless it can be meaningfully connected to consumers.

In the 5 years we have been operating we have been approached by many entrepreneurs and organisations looking to enter the US market – most do not get out of the starting blocks. Our mission is to get more Kiwi entrepreneurs and their teams into the race. This programme is designed as a starting point for thinking about some of these key requirements around the critical areas of Sales, Marketing/Demand Generation and Product Management

We want to provide our community with a concise summary of what we have observed and some recommendations supported by interviews and presentations from companies and entrepreneurs dealing with these issues so that they can learn faster and focus on the more important elements to their busines

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We rated the 90 experience:

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