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Save energy and power with ESP NZ (Energy Solution providers) without having to change your electricity company. 90 Seconds speaks to ESP NZ CEO and Managing Director Jeremy Allen.

ESP NZ is an energy management, energy consulting company established in 2001 to save money and save energy for businesses. ESP specialise in assisting companies develop and implement efficient energy management programmes that save electricity and save money.

In the current economic environment, ESP NZ understands energy efficiency and how important it is to be systematic, practical and cost effective as well as save energy. When we help clients to solve problems and save energy, we look at the overall picture, not just at the engineering content. By taking this approach ESP NZ has successfully assisted many clients to implement energy management programmes that have resulted in huge electricity savings, without disrupting existing business operations.

Following deregulation, the electricity industry has become extremely complex. ESP NZ will help you to unravel this complexity and provide unbiased opinions and solutions. ESP NZ also realises that every customer is unique with different electricity needs. We tailor each solution to our client’s requirements.

ESP NZ is also aware that developing and implementing an energy programme is a dynamic exercise, involving personnel both within and outside the organisation. This human relationship aspect is often the “key” to an effective management program and developing energy efficiency.

ESP was initially established as a division of Energy Management Services (EMS). EMS is the preferred meter installer for all the Energy Suppliers in the Auckland region, including Stream. Today ESP NZ is an independent company, offering its unique brand of consultancy and investigative services to many large companies and also the energy retailers, with the hopes of developing real energy efficiency.

ESP NZ an active member of the Energy Management Association of New Zealand (EMANZ), a technical group of the Institute of Professional Engineers of NZ (IPENZ) recognised by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). ESP NZ is also a member of the NZ Green Building Council.

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