Sender pays email, Caveat Sender! Esther Dyson – Web Summit London 2013

Esther Dyson of Project Syndicate speaks to 90 Seconds at the Web Summit London 2013 about Caveat Sender, the new democratic answer where sender pays email!

90 Seconds Presents, the 2013 London Web Summit Thought Leader Series…

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The Web Summit London 2013 is the fastest growing tech conference in Europe. The Web Summit brings together numerous thought leaders doing innovative & interesting things.

Esther Dyson of Project Syndicate speaks at the Web Summit London 2013 about Caveat Sender which is a service that will see sender pays email, answering the question, does that email really need to be sent?

Esther Dyson says with Caveat Sender you can forgive the price, you can have different prices for different kinds of mail for example a white list which is free which you would put your friends email addresses on.

Essentially Caveat Sender is a a two way contract but what it does is creates a market where the sender is the one who takes on the cost of putting emails into the ecosystem so that you avoid the clean up trash problem which is what most people will have to do with there inboxes because its free for people to throw trash into there inboxes

Esther Dyson says with Caveat Sender, the email space will clean up, personal assistants won’t need to sort through there employers mail as it will already be sorted.

However it could be the democratic answer to email problems and the future says Esther Dyson of Project Syndicate.

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