Something about New Zealand and the Kiwis – NZ House 2012 Olympics

There is something about New Zealand and the kiwis, especially when NZ House during the 2012 Olympics drops a massive silver fern from the side of their building.

During the 2012 Olympics, NZ House was important to New Zealanders at home and abroad because it showed that a small country from 12,000 miles away had a land mark presence extremely important in central London. London people ask about New Zealand so NZ House showed them via a banner of a giant silver fern attached to the side of the NZ House building. NZ House showed a little about New Zealand and the kiwis and the effect this iconic event had on the citizens of London during the 2012 Olympics.

The Olympics were a monumental event that saw New Zealand and the kiwis raised to the world stage and competing with the best athletes in the world. Some would ask what about New Zealand? Are we too small to compete in such a prestigious event? Can we win anything in the 2012 Olympics? Is there imbued strength in the silver fern? I’d like to think so. With such an inspiring speech from Kent Gardner, a London based kiwis businessman and the inspiring act from NZ House, the silver fern shone brightly on the uniforms of every kiwi athlete and citizen during this special time.

So what do you think about New Zealand, the silver fern, the kiwis and the 2012 Olympics? With the support of NZ House, at least we’ve made you think about it.

Evans Randall

Really good experience and achieved a great outcome.

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