Swapping and trading for Students – Riham Satti & Vivek Doraiswamy – Web Summit London 2013

Riham Satti & Vivek Doraiswamy, CEO and Co Founder of Oxiway, talks to 90 Seconds at the Web Summit London 2013 as a hot new start up, Swapping and Trading for Students, to make student life more affordable from all the hidden costs that always seem to appear but are seemingly unaffordable.

90 Seconds Presents, the 2013 London Web Summit Thought Leader Series…

Find more information about the this hot new start up, Swapping and trading for students and Riham Satti & Vivek Doraiswamy visit here:


The Web Summit London 2013 is the fastest growing tech conference in Europe. The Web Summit London 2013 brings together numerous thought leaders doing innovative and interesting things.

Two Oxford University students founded Oxiway in July 2012; Riham Satti and Vivek Doraiswamy, and are expanding as we speak with the support and funding from University of Oxford ISIS Innovation.

It was typical University of Oxford Hilary Term day where we were discussing random topics from weather to gadgets when we found a gap in the market for students. On average there are over 20,000 current students at every university spending over £1500 on living costs from books and essential furniture for their rooms to entertainment gadgets and clothes. That’s a lot of spending, so we thought why don’t people swap items instead with unique social features. This is where it all began and will continue to rise forever via Oxiway!!

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