The Future of Payments – John Lunn – PayPal – Web Summit London 2013

John Lunn, Global Director of PayPal Developer Network talks about the future of payments at the 2013 London Web Summit, interviewed by 90 Seconds.

90 Seconds Presents, the 2013 London Web Summit Thought Leader Series…

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The Web Summit is the fastest growing tech conference in Europe. The Web Summit brings together numerous thought leaders doing innovative and interesting things.

John Lunn (Global Director, PayPal Developer) John has been building payments and anti-fraud systems on the internet for over 15 years and has advised many of the successful and less successful start-ups on their payment strategies. Originally a java certified developer and now an all-purpose hacker, John runs PayPal’s Developer Evangelism team.

John looks after the technical side of PayPalX in the EU and has been at PayPal for 4 years. Previously he worked in Bank Security at RSA and was the Director of Technology for CyberSource in the EU. John is an all purpose hacker, evangelist and start-up mentor try catching him at one of PayPalX’s many EU events. Expertise: Hacking in PHP, Java, Android and anything else i can break. 12 years experience in Online Payments. Seedcamp and Launch48 mentor with years of experience helping big and small companies get their payment strategies and systems working.

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