Trans-Tasman rowing success for marine conservation

Trans-Tasman rowing success for marine conservation is a new chapter in NZ rowing, which began in October 2012 when the four-man ‘Team Gallagher’, a NZ rowing team become the first New Zealand team to cross the Tasman by oar power with the goal of raising money for coral reef marine conservation.

The trans-Tasman rowing challenge will require NZ rowing Team Gallagher to complete some half a million strokes over 1,400 nautical miles – using the iconic harbour bridges of Sydney and Auckland as the start and finish lines.

The NZ rowing Team Gallagher were raising money for marine conservation to help build the world’s biggest man made coral reef off the northern coast of Borneo, just east of Semporna. The marine conservation coral reef, in the shape of a nautilus, will provide a home and hunting ground for a vast diversity of marine species.

The trans-Tasman rowing adventure reaffirms the Team Gallagher commitment to marine conservation and will raise awareness of their oceans plight. “The enormity of the row and the vastness of this stretch of water reminds me how significant our oceans are to our very existence,” says Team Gallagher rower James Blake.

Hamilton-based Team Gallagher Director and trans-Tasman rowing member Rob Hamill believes the coral reef garden project has the potential to become a global movement for marine conservation. “This will raise awareness of the issue of dynamite fishing and the related destruction of the coral reef and reefs in developing countries and in the long term will make a difference to the global fishery.”

Follow this amazing trans-Tasman rowing adventure, and the trials and tribulations suffered by the NZ rowing team, Team Gallagher.

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