Turning a big data cost centre into a revenue generator, Connor Murphy – Web Summit London 2013

Connor Murphy, CEO & Founder of Datahug talks to 90 Seconds at the Web Summit London 2013 about Turning a big data cost centre into a revenue generator.

90 Seconds Presents, the 2013 London Web Summit Thought Leader Series…

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The Web Summit London 2013 is the fastest growing tech conference in Europe. The Web Summit London 2013 brings together numerous thought leaders doing innovative and interesting things.

Connor Murphy talks to us at the web summit about What to do with Big Data, and how big data is impacting enterpise, how it is seen as a threat and a cost centre, that when its own it can slow down and suffocate a business.

Connor Murphy talks at the web summit london 2013 about big experience and big insight for the business and giving them new value and new insight that can give them a competitive advantage at datahug this is quite relevant for us because if you think about a typical organisation they invest not in the cost of the communications, what datahug does, is takes the organisations cost centre, apply our social analytics and unlocks a solution which allows organisations to drive leads, improve account management and ultimately turn your big data cost centre into a revenue generator, this is one of the key Big Data trends that is coming out of most conferences at the moment, is how to turn Big Data into a revenue generator instead of a threat, asking the question, what to do with big data and how it

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