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Accounting Video Production

In the Internet age, video marketing for businesses is easier and more impactful than ever. Every company can benefit from having high quality promotional and branding videos circulating on the Internet on YouTube, Facebook and other social media outlets. These videos can also be used on accounting websites to put the accounting business in a positive light.

Video production for accounting can take accounting firms to new audiences and raise awareness about their business and brand. Effective, high quality videos for bookkeeping offices, sole proprietor accountants and accounting firms can:

Promote the accounting firm.
Increase brand awareness.
Raise engagement with current and potential clients.
Showcase specific products and services.
Increase interest at key times (such as tax time.)
Recruit new, high quality staff members.

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The team at 90 seconds went above-and-beyond to ensure that our requirements and expectations were not only fully met but exceeded our hopes!Andrey Arestov

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