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Arts and Entertainment Video Production

The arts and entertainment industry has a wide variety of opportunities for video production. When you work in the arts and entertainment industry, you may find yourself in a variety of roles when it comes to video production. Whether you are a lead photographer, gaffer, make-up artist, or actress, you will learn that making a successful video requires time, energy, and plenty of cooperation between everyone involved. Videos made for entertainment, such as a movie, require extensive work. You may end up shooting hours and hours of footage, only to end up with an hour of final product. If you are trying to create an indie movie, for example, you will need to have a clear idea of what you want to create before you begin shooting. Just like a traditional production, you will need to have a script, actors that are prepared, and plenty of staff on hand to capture the action. The equipment you use will have a big impact on your final product, and using quality equipment in video production for the arts and entertainment industry is necessary.

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Thank you 90 seconds team for your amazing work on the KickStart Breakfast video. Will definitely work you again in the future.Maya Maora

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