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Auckland Video Production

As New Zealand’s biggest city and home to nearly a third of the country’s population, Auckland is an excellent choice for filmmakers scouting for both urban and natural locations. Sitting on an isthmus near New Zealand’s northern tip, Auckland is surrounded by clear waters on either side. This geographical quirk makes it one of the few major cities with two ports bordering different major bodies of water. If you want your video to feature harbors, beaches, piers, and/or other seaside attractions, Auckland has what you need. Despite having a large population compared to the rest of the country, Auckland is actually sparsely populated relative to other major cities around the world. In this less hectic atmosphere, videographers have more breathing room and flexibility to create. Additionally, the temperate climate and sunny skies are a production team’s best friend — shooting video in Auckland a breeze.

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Top Auckland Filming Destination

Aotea Square

One of Auckland's most significant modern landmarks, Aotea Square is the perfect spot for bustling urban shots. Its cityscape backdrop is especially breathtaking at night when the surrounding buildings light up. Aotea Square is used year round for concerts, festivals, fairs, protests, art shows, and other public gatherings.

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island's amalgamation with Auckland in the 1980s added an exceptional natural shooting location just a short ferry ride from the mainland. With both rolling green hills and clean, sandy beaches, the island is a great choice for filming all sorts of outdoor scenes. For those interested in underwater videography, the crystal clear gulf surrounding Waiheke is also home to a thriving reef with a diverse variety of sea life.

One Tree Hill

Also known as Maungakiekie, One Tree Hill is one of the largest volcanic cones in New Zealand. This stunningly green peak overlooks both Auckland and its nearby suburbs. Filmmakers in search of pastoral locations should definitely check out the neighboring Cornwall Park for its idyllic sheep-grazed fields.

Auckland Domain

Another gorgeous park, the Auckland Domain is the city's oldest. The park is at its most beautiful during the northern hemisphere's winter and spring months when its expertly manicured grounds — including the picturesque magnolia garden — come into full bloom.

Viaduct Basin

The recently redeveloped area known as Viaduct Basin sits at the heart of Auckland's central business district. Modeled after the Port of London's basins, Viaduct is ideal for Auckland video productions looking for urban, commercial, residential, and/or waterfront locations.

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