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When people think about Austin, Texas, they undoubtedly think about the city that has been named the most diverse and unique city in the country. While many people think about the wide open spaces that cover the flat land of Texas, Austin provides a unique change of pace. Austin is one of the largest cities in Texas and is home to numerous festivals every year. These festivals are hosted by some of the top musicians in the world and cover everything from country music to rock and roll and even the growing electrical music genre. In fact, Austin is even a host for one of the races on the extreme Formula One Grand Prix city. With such diversity, it is no wonder that so many people are coming to Austin for video production purposes. What are some of the top locations for video production around the city?

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Top Austin Filming Destination

Bullock Texas State History Museum

Austin is the capital of Texas and therefore is home to a wide variety of history exhibits; however, this museum is much more than a typical museum. In fact, it is home to a towering IMAX theater featuring numerous films that provide the perfect backdrop for certain genres of film

Barton Springs Pool

For a marine scene, it doesn't get much better than this. This is an enormous, three-acre swimming pool that is fed by natural springs. It is beautiful year-round and for those that can't swim, there are always lifeguards on duty!

Mount Bonnell

Those in need of a nature scene should check out Mount Bonnell. This is a mountain that is home to beautiful hiking trails, a massive park, and sits along the beautiful Colorado River. This mountainous landscape is unique in a state that is mostly flat.

Zilker Botanical Garden

At over 30 acres, this garden is well-known for its diverse array of plant life that adds a tremendous amount of color to the garden. It is filled with educational programs for people of all ages and has numerous ponds that are home to a unique subset of animals.

The Austin Zoo

People looking for animals to sit in the background of their scenes should visit the Austin Zoo. With big cats, birds, and reptiles, many people visit the zoo for their Austin video production needs. There is even a train tour in this sanctuary!

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