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Bangalore, India has a population of 8.42 million citizens, making it the third biggest city in the country. Historians have found evidence that humans were in the region about 4,000 BCE. The current city has been in existence since between the fourth and tenth centrury, so, as one might expect, history is a big draw to this region of the world, although not the only thing that makes a visit to Bangalore worthwhile.

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Top Bangalore Filming Destination

Bangalore Palace

When you first see the architecture of the castle, you may think you are in England, as this palace has a resemblance to Windsor Castle. This huge palace isn’t just a tourist site, but it is also a venue for musical shows, rock concerts, and other events. The castle is huge, so bring your video camera and memorialize your trip here,

Vidhan Soudha

The Vidhan Soudha is considered to be one of the most important buildings in Bangalore. This buildings is an impressive building that stands more than 46 meters tall and is home to twenty two departments for the government of Karnataka. The Vidhan Soudha has 300 rooms and is a must-see tourist destination for anyone who comes to Bangalore.

Bannerghatta National Park

Why go to India if you’re not going to see Tigers? The Bannerghatta National Park takes care of that by offering you a zoo, an animal rescue center, an aquarium, a snake house, a butterfly house, and a safari park. Part of the draw is that the park also has ancient temples that are still used for worship, and there are places to hike and take your video camera to remember all that you see. A visit to his national park will give visitors a sense of what it must have been like to trek around India before it became inhabited by more than one billion people.

Tipu’s Fort Palace

This palace is home to what in comparison is almost modern history. Tipu fought the British, and this fort was a place where Cornwallis breached the wall in 1791. The fort is home to history as Napoleon visited here, as well as Cornwallis in a somewhat uninvited state. The video production possibilities here include a chance to see the Ganesha Temple that was said to show that Tipu had an unusual amount of religious tolerance for his time.


If you wish to have an Indiana Jones moment in the bazaar, the Tarang could give you a sense of that. This emporium is home to the crafts of hundreds of artisans seeking recognition. Visitors might find something to help remember Bangalore, while also helping an artisan sustain their family. A video of this emporium will prove to your friends that you have a little Indie in you too.

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