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China is one of the largest countries in the world and has the largest population of any country on Earth. It is no wonder why this country has a diverse culture with a wide variety of sights that has made it a popular location for numerous movies. Beijing is one of the most popular locations for video production in China because it is one of the oldest cities on Earth. Steeped in a rich history, the city is the capital of China and was once called Peking. Now, Beijing is a modern, developed city that has the development of any other major metropolitan city. This means it is home to diverse scenery that can serve multiple purposes when it comes to video production. For some top sights for video production in Beijing, continue reading below.

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Top Beijing Filming Destination

The Forbidden City

When people visit Beijing, they always want to stop and visit the Forbidden City. This used to be home to the emperors of prior dynasties in China and now acts as a giant palace complex that is popular among tourists. It has fantastic art exhibits and numerous restaurants.

Tiananmen Square

This square is another popular place for tourists because of the history that took place. Anyone who has seen that iconic picture of the man standing in front of a long line of tanks should know that took place in this square. Now, it is known for its busy center and iconic obelisk and everyone wants to see.

The Temple of Heaven

For video production in Beijing, this is a site that shouldn't be missed. This temple went up way back in 1420 and has a distinctive circular design that sits in one of the most beautiful parks in the city. Stop by and shoot a scene in front of this landmark.

The Summer Palace

This palace is a popular location for waterfront relaxation. It features some ornate temples and unique artworks along some beautiful greenery that will open everyone's eyes. This is perfect for any nature scenes requiring video production in Beijing.

Beihai park

This is a public park that was opened in the early 1900s. It sits at a massive 69 hectares and used to be a park that was only open to imperial officials. Now, it is a popular location for everyone and features a large lake in the center. Stop by and film a scene in this gorgeous park.

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