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As one of our country’s oldest cities, Boston is a popular destination for filmmakers. But beyond Boston Commons and the Charles River, Boston has a lot of hidden locales that are perfect for a video production crew in Boston to take advantage of. Here are a handful to get started.

Next time you’re filming in Boston, don’t forget to check out these special New England locations that will make your film stand out from the crowd.

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Top Boston Filming Destination

Corey Hill Park

Looking for a private garden-like area for your characters to meet and plan while they look over the skyline of Boston? Corey Hill park is your spot. This hidden location features grassy areas, a stone wall and mature trees. And did we mention? Privacy.

Forest Hills Cemetery

This Victorian style cemetery at the end of the MBTA Orange line is 275 acres of hidden gem for Boston video production crews. Comes complete with a miniature stone village, creepy moss covered boulders and even fog if you get there at the right time of day.

Basement of the Old North Church

Bostonians might pass by the Old North Church without even knowing that their ancestors’ bones lie beneath, in an ancient crypt. Filmmakers who are working on mystery movies a la Dan Brown’s books will have a field day in this basement of the macabre.

Victoria Gardens

What better place for your characters to meet and fall in love—or miss each other entirely—than in Victoria Gardens? Brimming with buds and wild with wildflowers, this garden near Fenway park is an oasis in the middle of urban Boston proper.

Bunker Hill Monument

The Bunker Hill Monument is a war memorial that really doesn’t get enough video production in Boston time. Standing tall in the middle of a green, grassy field, this monument is perfect for pivotal moments in your Oscar-worthy film.

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