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Brussels Video Production

For those who are looking for unique sites to fill the backdrop of their movies, consider video production in Brussels. Brussels is the capital of Belgium a western European country on the coast. It has a historic down along with more modern locales in the immediate vicinity. It has a population of just over 175 thousand people and is known for a variety of delicacies, including chocolate. The city is steeped in history as one of Europe’s oldest locations yet has modernized in more ways than one to become a popular tourist destination for visitors all over the world. The city is known for its friendly people who are always willing to share their culture with visitors, whether they are there on business or for vacation. In fact, those who are there to film a movie should be sure to check out a few of the city’s top destinations.

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Top Brussels Filming Destination

The Grand Place

This should be the first stop for almost anyone visiting the city of Brussels, regardless of their reason. The Grand Place is an enormous city square covered in towering, historic buildings that date back to the 1300s. The bustling square juxtaposes beautifully with the historic architecture, making for some unique shots.

The Atomium

Those who are in need of a unique building for their movie should stop and pay a visit to the Atomium. This steel structure towers at 92 meters in height and looks out over the city. This Brussels stop provides an interesting backdrop either from in front of the building or from the top.

The Musical Instrument Museum

Anyone in need of an arts background should visit the Musical Instrument Museum. There are myriad exhibits for people to tailor to their video production in Brussels’ needs, complete with a gorgeous concert hall.

The Cinquantenaire

This is a gorgeous park that dates back to the 1800s. It has several different gardens with unique flora and is adorned with numerous fountains. It also has museums on military and art. Movies in need of a green space for their movies should check this park out.

The Mini-Europe

There might not be another place like this on Earth. This is a park that consists of miniature-scale European landmarks, including Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. This interesting idea could make for some one-of-a-kind movie shots during video production in Brussels.

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