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Through many may regard Detroit as just an industrial hub, the city actually offers videographers a myriad of options for shooting videos. From its natural beauty to the city's cultural offerings and bustling neighborhoods, Detroit has a diverse and varied landscape that makes an ideal backdrop for filming--or as a subject for a film itself. While Detroit's factories and industrial buildings give one face to the city, videographers will find that Detroit offers many face to those looking to capture this Midwestern metropolis.

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Top Detroit Filming Destination

Belle Isle

A small island situated in the Detroit River, Belle Isle is filled with stunning parks, hiking trails, the Belle Isle Conservatory, an aquarium and the Dossin Great Lakes Museum. Thanks to its location, Belle Isle is the perfect place for shooting videos in Detroit to capture the city's natural beauty as well as its stunning skyline.

Highland Heights-Stevens' Subdivision

Entirely surrounded by Detroit proper, the suburb of Highland Park reflect Detroit's history as an important factory town. Besides being home to the first assembly line at the Highland Park Ford Plant, its Highland Heights-Stevens' Subdivision neighborhood is an excellent example of early 20th-century residential architecture and is a wonderful place to film videos in Detroit that show the birth of a middle class neighborhood.

Hart Plaza

Located in the heart of Detroit next to the Renaissance Center, Hart Plaza was opened in 1955 to serve as a focal point for Detroit's downtown district. This 14-acre park lies along the riverfront and plays host to a number of festivals throughout the year such as the Detroit International Jazz Festival, making Hart Plaza a great setting for capturing the energy of downtown Detroit.


Over the years, Detroit has drawn many immigrant groups to its gates, resulting in a number of neighborhoods that capture the charm of the Old World. While many of its Greek residents departed this neighborhood by the 1920s, Greektown remains home to many Greek grocers, restaurants and boutiques, with many shooting locations ideal for capturing this eclectic district.

William G. Millikan State Park

As Michigan's only urban state park, the William G. Millikan State Park offers sprawling green spaces with areas for boating and fishing as well as a replica of the Tawas Point State Park's lighthouse. In particularly, videographers will love the park for its views of downtown Detroit, Belle Isle and the Detroit River.

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