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E-commerce Video Production

Any e-commerce retailer not using product videos as part of their multimedia marketing strategy in this digital day and age is falling behind the technological edge that their competitors are certainly taking advantage of. E-commerce videos offer many advantages. Besides higher conversion rates and sales, which of course means higher profits, videos are an effective way to increase search engine optimization (SEO) as well as visibility and customer engagement on websites, social media, and advertisements. E-commerce videos capture the attention of customers in a way that photographs can’t, especially the coveted Millennial demographic, which has been raised on video and can readily relate to the medium.

E-commerce videos are perfect for product demonstrations, but they can also be used to highlight other aspects of a business, including special promotions, sales, and new locations.

Videos produced for e-commerce purposes differ somewhat from those done for other niches, and require a specific approach and technique. Here are a few quick tips for making great e-commerce videos.

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