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Interviews Video Production

Nothing is more awkward than watching a video interview fall apart. There are an endless number of ways interviews can end up not working. The lighting could be all wrong, the subject could be unresponsive, or the mic fails to work properly. With a little preparation beforehand, your interview video productions can go off without a hitch. You can almost guarantee that it will come out awful if the subjects are not prepped properly. Send interview questions ahead of time to give them time to think over their answers. When generating the questions, think about your target audience and what type of information they’re looking for. Choose open-ended questions to illicit the longest responses. Scout out locations too for the interviews to check lighting and any ambient noise.

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Most of all, remember dynamic interview video productions are only created when you’re willing to keep the camera rolling. Candid moments and B-roll footage can help alleviate your final piece.

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