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The nation of Israel encompasses within its boundaries one of the most sacred and fascinating regions in the world. Thousands of years of history and cultures have left their mark on the cities, hills, deserts, and peoples of the country, and it promises a rich and abundant harvest for the videographer. The ancient city of Jerusalem is a holy place to three of the world’s major religions, and the almost endless array of shrines and sites are among the most popular subjects for video production in Israel. Besides the historical sites to be documented, there are the modern cities with their bustling business, cultural, and entertainment districts, as well as beautiful seashore and agricultural areas where endless groves of olive trees and other traditional staples grow. For those interested in the turbulent politics of Israel, there’s no lack of subject material and interview opportunities. Israel is a nation that a videographer could spend a lifetime in.

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Top Israel Filming Destination


Arguably the most sacred city on earth, the City of David is home to the most holy places of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, including the Dome of the Rock, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Western Wall, and Yad Vashem. An awesome, mystical place to film.

En Avdat National Park

A spring in the middle of the arid desert nurtures this wonderful oasis populated by noble poplar trees and many kinds of wildlife. Follow one of the many trails through the park past caves that were once the home of ascetic monks, and wonder at ancient rock drawings.

Baha’i Gardens

Located in Haifa, these famous gardens take the visitor through 19 separate terraces, each cultivated with vast flower beds and decorated with magnificent fountains and sculptures, with breathtaking panoramic views across Haifa Bay, and ending at the Shrine of the Bab, a great spiritual leader of the Baha’i faith.

Agamon HaHula

Situated in the Hula Valley, just a few miles north of the Hula Nature Preserve, this area is seasonally populated by huge flocks of cranes, storks, and pelicans. The restored marshes and wetlands are a lovely place to walk or bike through, and provide some of the most interesting video production in Israel.

The Citadel

Situated on a promontory overlooking the old city of Jerusalem, this was once the palace of King Herod, and was used as a headquarters by the Romans and the conquering Crusader armies. It is where Pontius Pilate passed sentence on Jesus. It is now home to the Museum of the History of Jerusalem.

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