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Located squarely in the heart of the Middle east, the city of Kuwait has been a major attraction for tourists for decades. It is a particularly attractive place for videographers and photographers to go to capture the essence of the cradle of civilization. Glittering skyscrapers, shining cityscapes all set before an acerbic desert backdrop make Kuwait somehow austere and rich at the same time.

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Top Kuwait Filming Destination

Kuwait Towers

Dusted with sand and fashioned in high mid-eastern accents, these modern towers stand true to the ancient style of the mid-eastern minaret that you see on so many holy places. Inside, it’s just as breathtaking as the exterior as you explore the inner domes and view the landscape from above in 360 panorama.

Souk Mubarakia

One of the most culturally naturalistic places in Kuwait is the Mubarakia- a large people’s market where authentic goods of all kinds are sold and exchanged. This is a great place to do street photography, catch the real feel for the culture and really portray the essence of this region.

Sief Palace

The official seat of Emir’s Court, Sief palace dates back to the early 20th century. It remains uniquely middle eastern but shows distinct western influences. As castles go, it features some of the finest masonry work and delivers a one of a kind atmosphere being a structure of its kind amid palm trees and desert.

Failaka Islands

The ruins on these rarely spoken of islands reveal a bygone culture that few archaeologists have discussed. Here, you’ll find ancient ruins adorned with symbols and motifs that are unique to the area. It is a blistering reflection on the rich history of this place.

Kuwait Beaches

Scan the length of this long moon shaped beach below the jagged and glistering city-scape of Kuwait. It is a popular, yet quiet stretch of sand and sea where locals stroll lazily- and thoughtfully. This would be an ideal place to shoot a local person’s portrait and to record important pieces of narrative.

The Grand Mosque

One could not ask for a grander or more ideal place to immortalize the intense spirituality of this region than Kuwait’s Grand Mosque. Pan along the soaring arches of sandstone brick. Capture the central dome both within and without. Perchance take the opportunity to interview locals about their faith and find out how this place became such an important place of worship to people of the Islamic faith.

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