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Las Vegas Video Production

Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, is not only a great spot for photography and still shots, but also video production. Millions of music videos have been shot in this beautiful and ever-live city. Films, documentaries, shows and events have also been produced in this desert city as film producers and musicians from all over the world travel to the desert city to capture its rich diversity in their videos. From a wide range of casinos, to leisure spots, word-landmark imitations, historic spots and a world-class skyline, Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for any video producer looking to ‘have it all’ in one place.

However, when it comes to shooting in Las Vegas it’s vital that you plan in advance. Its general easy and free to get a generic film permit from the State of Nevada, but that doesn’t guarantee you the right to shoot in private areas. For example, most of the sidewalks alongside the Las Vegas Strip are private property to the hotels they border, and therefore you will need permission from the hotels themselves for a shoot.

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Top Las Vegas Filming Destination

The Bellagio

The Bellagio is a great place for video production. Its architecture, big front lagoon, beautiful interior, fine art gallery, and the beautiful dancing fountains in the evening are perfect for film. You can capture an aerial view of the hotel especially in the evening as the dancing fountains interwoven with magical lights mesmerize their admirers.

The Venetian

Talk about exquisite. The Venetian is another great location to shoot in Las Vegas. It’s inside shopping arcade makes one feel like they are wondering outside Venice. There are even gondolas taking visitors on tours. The reflections on the lagoon in front of the Venetian are a great caption for film and generally the place makes one feel like they are in Italy.

Caesar’s palace and the fountains

Just like all casinos in Las Vegas, there is so much to shoot here. From the Roman statues inside, to fountains out at the front, a replica of the Trevi Fountian, and lights that change colors to accentuate the place, you can’t go wrong with shooting your video here.

The Luxor Pyramid and Sphinx

The Luxor pyramid and sphinx offer a feel of ancient Egypt in this vibrant modern city. The two landmarks are incredible sites for video shooting. Whichever you want, ground or aerial footage, this location is a masterpiece for film.

The “Welcome to Las Vegas Sign”

The welcome to Las Vegas sign is common in many films shot in the city. Located on the south end of the Strip, past Mandalay Bay, it is a great place for video production at no fee.

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