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London is a city that has managed to hold the imaginations, ambitions and sensations of both the people who live there and those who choose to visit for a spell. Much like NYC, this city combines very different types of people, many of who are still struggling to find their place in the city. The human drama is evident in the historic streets, modern buildings and classic attractions, and makes for an excellent place for production. If you want to capture the mix of life by shooting videos in London, then consider the following places to drop in on.

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Top London Filming Destination

Postman's Park

Apart from being a lovely space for greenery, Postman's Park also houses tablets from the late 19th century depicting those who gave their life for others. Built on top of the burial ground of an old church, this place is both steeped in history and a way to see the vibrant life of the people who live here today.

Dennis Severs' House

Have the viewers learn more about Dennis Severs' house, an artist who recreated what he believed to be a the real life of those living in the 1800s. With half finished meals and unmade beds, this is one of the odder attractions you'll find in London. It's shots like this that show the personality of the city.

Little Venice

You can take a canal to one of the waterfront restaurants or pubs in Little Venice and film the types who frequent this area. Not only will you find some of the best food in this area, but you can also check out the Canal Museum as well. Water was important for the city both yesterday and today.

Strand Station

The Tube is a vibrant part of the city where everyone comes to make their commute. Strand Station is an out-of-use spot that has deep roots in the history of London, and if you make the extra effort by calling the London Transport Museum, you may be able to get a tour of the inside of the station. It's these types of touches that can set your London video production apart.

Cable Cars

Film the skyline from a cable car and give people a sense of the expanse that the city truly offers. Anyone could lost here in a sea of people and buildings and food and fun, and a sometimes all of that needs to be seen before people become truly inspired to either take the plunge to book a plane ticket or at the very least learn more about what the city is all about.

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