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Many people visit Scandinavia for video production because the populations are always welcoming, the weather is unique, and the countries are filled with one-of-a-kind locations to film some fantastic shots. The same is true for the city of Malmo. Located in Sweden, Malmo is filled with beautiful locations to take people's videos to the next level. Here, some of the top locations for video production in Malmo are discussed.

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Top Malmö Filming Destination

The Turning Torso

Everyone who visits Malmo takes an opportunity to visit the Turning Torso. This is an iconic building known for the intentional twist that the entire building has. For dozens of stories, people will look up and notice the sculptured tower block and the unique feel it takes on. This gives anyone looking for Malmo video production some unique optics to set their movie apart from the others.

The Lilla Torg

Sometimes, video producers are looking for a quaint, straightforward scene to create a sense of calm and normalcy among the viewers. The Lilla Torg is a cobblestone square filled with a bunch of unique restaurants and cafes for people to walk around and observe. This means that videos shot in this area will have the backdrop of a typical town square. Every video requires a scene such as this and the Lilla Torg is the place to find it.

The Sankt Petri Church

Most movies have at least one religious scene and this is the most beautiful church in the entire city. it has a unique architecture of buildings from centuries past and has been well-maintained until this day. It has multiple towers and spires to create a visually impressive image and plays host to many visitors every day.

The Kungsparken

This is the largest park in Malmo and is located in the center of the city. It creates a perfect scene for those looking to add a little bit of nature to their movie. It is filled with beautiful trees and colorful flowers to add a little diversity to every scene.

The Malmo Konsthall

It is not unusual for Malmo video productions to require a museum or an art exhibit to add a sophisticated style to a scene. If this is the case, the Konsthall is the destination. It is constantly rotating modern art exhibitions from some of the most well-known artists in the world. It also has a bookstore and restaurant.

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