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In East Africa, you'll find the island of Mauritius, which is famed for its incredible natural beauty and dynamic mix of people. From flowing waterfalls to native wildlife, there's a lot of reasons to be outside.

When you film here, you'll want to capture everything that makes this island so beloved, and you might be surprised at just how much there is to do in such a small place. As you're touring the island, you'll want to look at not just what's what's around you, but also what's above and below you too. The beauty that entices people to come here is so varied that it's important to give the best representation of what you can really find here. There's so much to discover if you know where to look.

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Top Mauritius Filming Destination

Chamarel Waterfalls

Any video produced in Mauritius should include shots of both the water and the greenery that's located within, and this waterfall definitely gives you a two-for-one special. Located in southwest corner of the island, you may have a bit of a trek with your equipment, but the view will be worth it.

Trianon Shopping Park

In Quatre Bornes, there's Trianon Shopping Park for a good snippet of local life. People love to come here not just to shop, but to catch up, eat, and laugh. Showing the modern amenities of Mauritius can be the best way to entice someone who's not as impressed with the outdoors.

Under the Ocean

Taking a submarine ride may be the highlight of your Mauritius videos. Off the coast of Trou aux Biches, you'll be able to see local wildlife under the water though one of their local tours. Incidentally, you can also get some great shots of the beach in this area too.

Black River Gorges National Park

This rainforest gives you views of the canopy, beaches, and mountains, and can really make for a more dramatic video. You may even film the flying fox here, a hauntingly strange flying animal that's only native to Mauritius.

Jummah Mosque

If you're filming anywhere in the capital of Port Louis, you'll want to capture the frenetic energy and the melting pot of faces. However, you may want to show that the city is not one-note. The Jummah Mosque is a beautiful place where people go to get some peace in a crowded city.

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