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Rated by several sources as the number one city to live in across the world, Melbourne is also home to plenty of stunning sites to film in as well. From natural paradises to beautiful modern architecture, here are some of the top places in Melbourne for video production.

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Top Melbourne Filming Destination

Federation Square

Opened in 2002, Federation Square features edgy, modern architecture beautifully juxtaposed against the Victorian buildings that surround it. With an almost even mixture of open spaces and compact buildings, Federation Square makes a great landscape for a variety of scenes, especially those needing to incorporate a modern, almost futuristic feel.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Over 40 hectares in size and boasting 50,000+ plant species that live within it, the Royal Botanic Gardens is a gorgeous microcosm of Australia's most breathtaking flora. Few destinations in the country, let alone the city, offer as much access to untouched natural beauty as the Royal Botanical gardens, making this an excellent place to film.

Captain Cook's Cottage

Brought to Melbourne all the way from Captain Cook's home in Yorkshire, England, the cottage in which he lived offers tourists a window into the life of the first British sailor to discover Australia and offers filmmakers and excellent backdrop for any number of scenes. Whether you are shooting a documentary on famous sailors or simply need a quaint English cottage to film, Captain Cook's cottage is a great destination to consider.

Shrine of Remembrance

Built after WWI to honor the lives of the Victorians who took part in the Great War, the Shrine of Remembrance is a breathtaking piece of stonework nestled in a neatly kept natural environment. It's a great destination for Melbourne video production enthusiasts who are looking for a unique piece of architecture to film.

Eureka Tower

Standing 91 stories tall, the Eureka Tower boasts gold-plated windows and a golden crown that make it shimmer brilliantly under the Australian sun. It's a breathtaking example of modern architecture that stands as one of the most recognizable buildings on the Melbourne skyline. As an added bonus to those shooting videos in Melbourne, the Eureka Tower features a glass cube known as "The Edge" that slides out three meters past the building, giving you an unobscured look at the streets of Melbourne far below.

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