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The capital of Italy's Lombardy region, Milan is a major city with much to offer videographers of all stripes. Milan's origins predate the Roman Empire, which is reflected in the eclectic range of architecture found throughout the city. Standing as one of Europe's great cultural centers for over a millennium has ingrained in the city a deep appreciation for the arts — something that can be seen in the monuments, statuary, theaters, and other landmarks that dot its streets.

While video production in Milan is mostly focused on commercial pursuits, the city has also been the site of many films and television programs. Milan is a popular spot for filming for a good reason: The city has a little bit of everything. Whether you're looking for a skyscraper background for a hip modern shoot or Roman ruins for an ancient historical feel, you can find it in Milan.

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Top Milan Filming Destination

Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio

Built in the 4th century and incorporating Roman columns from the ruins of the original city, the Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio lends a grand historical atmosphere to Milan video productions. The basilica was later renovated to its current Romanesque appearance and includes a variety of possible filming locations, including cloisters, courtyards, and a bell tower.

Piazza del Duomo

Named for the Milan Cathedral, the Piazza del Duomo is Milan's main public plaza. The plaza represents a vital aspect of Milanese culture and hosts major city events all year round. With the Piazza del Duomo's wide open space and monuments in the backdrop, this location gives videographers a lot to work with.

Sforza Castle

Sforza Castle was built in the 14th century near the center of Milan and was later renovated as a highly fortified citadel. In addition to the spectacular architecture and grounds, Sforza Castle also features museums, art collections, libraries, and exhibitions.

Parco Sempione

Filmmakers looking for greenery in the city can find it in Parco Sempione. This peaceful park near Sforza Castle treats guests to beautiful gardens, grassy fields, and a crystal-clear man-made lake. A number of landmarks can also be found within the park, most notably the Arch of Peace and the Civic Aquarium of Milan.

University of Milan

Whether you're looking for an academic setting, historical backdrop, or scenic fields, the University of Milan is an excellent choice for your project. The university has a wide array of modern and antique locations to choose from with its many classrooms, libraries, lawns, and dormitories.

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