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Video production is an essential component to marketing in most industries today. For the mobile phone industry, video production creates a way for marketers to build brand loyalty, explain new apps created, and engage with potential customers on social media. While written content is useful, people learn in a wide variety of ways. Video production for the mobile industry can include showcasing a particular line of products, to create how to videos to instruct users on how to work with a new app, or to get customers interested in the brand you have to offer. When you want to reach a wide variety of customers, you need to have video production as one of your marketing tools. Videos can be shared easily when you use social media. People often engage in social media on mobile devices, and it’s easier to watch a quick video than to take the time to read a technical article. The way customers gather information about products and services today, there is no doubt that the production of videos is necessary to stay competitive in the mobile industry. Share news about your business and grow your customer base through video production.

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Absolutely enjoyed working with the entire 90 Seconds team. Got wonderful feedback internally for the video. Look forward to sharing them externally in 2018!Johnny Kang

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HP Australia
HP Spectre | Luncheon | Cutdown 15 sec
HP Australia
HP Spectre | Luncheon Cutdown 20 sec
90 Seconds Media
Kate Thomas | Spark | ad:tech NZ 2015
Lightning Lab
50 Days to Demo
iCautionz – iPhone Video and Audio Safety App
iCautionz – iPhone Photo and Audio Safety App
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