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Monaco, it’s been called the richest city on Earth- and dollars to square miles, it just might be. This shining city-state is nestled on the northern Mediterranean coast, south of France and Switzerland. The area is known famously as the French Riviera. It is one of the most populous and wealthy places inhabited by humans, and it is replete with stunning locations for your next video project. Whether it’s the yacht-filled sea ports, the beautifully constructed high rise buildings, the soaring mountains standing behind it all with their peaks and lush greenery- or all of the above- there’s plenty in Monaco to attract your camera’s eye.

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Take your camera and video production crew to extravagant Monaco, where decadence and luxury are the norm. Despite its diminutive size, Monaco contains an enormous amount of glamor in a setting of great natural beauty. Monte-Carlo occupies a rocky promontory north of Port Monaco. Breathtaking seaside views will draw your camera to the terrace of Place du Casino. Monaco's wealthiest district, Monte-Carlo draws the elite. If you enjoy shooting mind-blowingly expensive cars, you’ll have plenty of opportunities here. It is also a great location for street portrait cinematography. Monte-Carlo is intersected by the elegant Boulevard Princesse Charlotte and the Boulevard des Moulins. You’ll find a plethora of beautiful examples of local architecture, such as the Opera House, all framed in by the glorious Mediterranean mountains and seaside to provide an outstanding background for all of your outdoor shots.

Palais du Prince

Inhabiting a unique position above the sea on a picturesque peninsula, the Le Rocher- the Palais du Prince is the home to the world’s oldest monarchy: The Genoese noble family of Grimaldi. The Grimaldi family was established in 1297 after capturing the land from Genoan republic. The Genoese fortress offers panoramic views, (originally favored for defense), an excellent place for your video production team to narrate a brief history of the Grimaldi. The State Apartments are open to the public when the royals are away. You’ll know if the flag is lowered, that you may enter. The opulent Italianate gallery with its 15th-century frescoes is a particularly attractive subject for filmmakers, as is "Blue Room" with its glorious blue and gold décor. The Empire-style Throne Room has an enormous Renaissance fireplace, and the wood-paneled Mazarin Room are very tangible evidence of true historical-class wealth and power. In the Main Courtyard where summer concerts are held, you’ll find a monumental 17th-century Carrara marble staircase. The Changing of the Guard takes place each day at 11.55am before the Palace- a perfect opportunity for you to document a fascinating tradition.

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