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With a prime location in Africa that gives it a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, Morocco offers a pleasant mix of laid-back beach towns, bustling cities, majestic mountains and vast deserts with sand dunes. While Casablanca is a modern city that has forever been immortalized in the minds of the world, it offers only a small representation of the vast and rich wonders that await in this historic country.

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Like its neighboring city, Fez, Meknes was once a capital city and offers an "old city" portion. Unlike Fez, Meknes is not as overrun with tourists so it can offer you a respite from them. In addition to modern venues like nightlife and a royal palace, Meknes is the city nearest to Roman ruins of Volubilis. Don't overlook Dar Jamal, an old palace that is now a museum or Habs Qara, an underground prison.


Once you arrive at Chefchaouen, you'll understand why it's so popular with tourists. Its white-washed homes feature accents of powder blue and are set against the Rif Mountains -- the perfect setting for video production in Morocco. The Hotel Atlas hills offer a nice view of the valley as well as the town itself and make a good place to capture the setting sun.


Located about 60 kilometers northeast of Agadir, Imouzzer is a town that was completely isolated from the rest of the world until the 1930s. With a terrain that is punctuated by steep mountainous roads of great lengths, your reward is the sight of lush vegetation such as argan trees and palm groves. In addition to the Cascades, or waterfalls, Imouzzer also offers lots of hiking opportunities.


Agadir is located in the southern portion of the country. It offers a truly diverse array of locations for video production in Morocco including access to the Sahara Desert, secluded beaches and a sprawling city center replete with lots of locals.


For an intimate look at the Moroccan people and their way of life, head to the city of Nador. Small and easily traversed on foot, Nador is a market town that also boasts a few sparsely populated beaches. A modern train station provides access to other destinations nearby or stay in town and chat with the locals over a slice of pizza at Bella Italia.

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