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Pakistan Video Production

Pakistan is a South Asian country that lies along the Arabian Sea. It is a geographically diverse country and offers major mountain ranges, waterfalls, desert, forests, rivers and more. This, coupled with its strategical location along major trade routes, provides ample opportunities for video production throughout Pakistan.

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Top Pakistan Filming Destination

Hunza Valley

The Hunza Valley lies at an elevation of more than 8,000 feet and features a rugged charm that makes it the perfect setting for video production in Pakistan. Snow-covered mountains hug the fragrant poplar tree forests and the velvety green wheat fields. The Hunza Valley comprises three different regions -- each with their own inhabitants that boast their own characteristics, culture and charm.

Lake Saiful Muluk

Lake Saiful Muluk is a mountainous lake that, at more than 10,500 feet in elevation, is one of the country's highest. Situated in the Mansehra District, Lake Saiful Muluk is near the town of Naran. It is home to a rich ecological diversity and is easily accessible during the warm months. During the winter, however, it offers only limited accessibility.


Located in the Singh province lies the ancient city of Moenjodaro whose name literally means "mound of the dead." This historical site dates back to around 2,600 BCE and features two primary sections built out of unbaked bricks. In addition to a lower city that is located on the Indus River, there is also a stupa mound to the west.


Gilgit-Balistan is located in the northernmost part of Pakistan. It is home to some of the world's highest mountain ranges including the Himalayas, as well as the Hindu Kush and the Karakoram. These mountains meet in Fairy Meadows which provides ample opportunities for stunning scenery when gearing up for video production in Pakistan. Other notable attractions in the area include rock carvings, lakes, forts, monasteries and more.


Located in the province of Punjab, Sialkot is an ancient city that is about 5,000 years old. Though it has a vibrant foundation of exportation, Sialkot is an interesting mixture of the modern and the historic. In the center of the city are the ruins of the Sialkot Fort. A 160-year-old cathedral, the Sialkot Cathedral, is situated within a cantonment area. Sialkot's more famous landmark, the Clock Tower, is located in Saddar Bazar.

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