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The best spots for video production in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are rich in cultural and natural diversity. PNG is home to some of the world's most pristine natural environments teeming with flora and fauna including species which have not yet been documented by scientists. It's a land with volcanic peaks, stunning coral reefs, caves and sandy beaches. Culturally speaking, one can find a significant number of tribal people still living in a traditional manner in PNG; more than 800 different languages are said to be spoken here. War memorial sites from WWII offer interesting opportunities for those interested in historical video production. Bring your camera, ideally with a waterproof case fit for a wet and humid environment, and plan to get off the beaten path in order to obtain some of the best video footage imaginable.

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Top Papua New Guinea Filming Destination

New Britain

PNG's largest island is covered in mountains and volcanic peaks as well as virgin tropical rainforests teeming with wildlife of all kinds. Healthy coral reefs are a top notch spot for videographers with waterproof cameras; there are even a few spots where you'll find cool shipwrecks worth checking out.

The Kokoda Trail

This 60 mile trail can be hiked in its entirety or in sections; hiring a guide or going with a tour group is highly recommended. The trail passes by a number of tribal villages perfect for creating video footage which captures cultural diversity relatively unaffected by the western world. A number of war memorial sites from the second world war also facilitate historical video production.

Mioko Island

Cliffs providing stunning views and a number of caves that served as hiding places for people in years past are some of the highlights on Mioko Island. Excellent snorkeling gives the opportunity to capture some raw and wild underwater footage and the island is home to some of the country's most lovely and pristine beaches.

The Trobriand Islands

For the absolute best exposure to tribal dances, ceremonies, festivals, carvings and more, this section of PNG will blow your mind. Intact stone temples give the feeling of going back in time and are still used by local people. Kalopa Cave can be explored and is home to a stunning beach where you'll likely have the opportunity to capture a few nature scenes.

Bougainville Island

If you've come to PNG in search of war relics, Bougainville Island is a must see. Crashed airplanes and tanks from the Japanese military are scattered throughout the area and can be accessed by hiking the local trails. Caves and scuba diving opportunities round out the experience with natural beauty ready to be captured on video.

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