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Phillippines Video Production

From volcanoes and mountains, to miles and miles of coastline, shooting video in the Phillippines is a nature lover's dream. Whether you want footage that includes basic city backdrops in Manila, or you want waterfalls, there is something for every video producer in Manila and the over seven thousand islands that make up the Phillippines. Sit back in an area park and watch the locals go by, or get ready for some amazing adventures as you climb area volcanoes and get some of the best video footage you have ever seen. You'll never want to turn off your camera in the Phillippines.

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Top Philippines Filming Destination

The City of Manila

The City of Manila is full of urban backdrops for y our video production. You'll love the modern architecture in some areas, while be able to grab great footage of old Spanish Colonial buildings. There are all kinds of backdrops for you to choose from in Manila and the surrounding area.

Mt Mayon

Just south of Manila is the most active volcano of the two hundred volcanoes in the Phillippines, Mt Mayon. The crater is always smoldering, and the volcano has erupted a record 48 times. Mt Mayon is a great backdrop for video production as the volcano is almost perfectly symmetrical.

Tinuy-an Falls

In the town of Bislig is a beautiful place to shoot video in the Phillippines, the Tinuy-an Falls. Spend some time watching the water as it flows down over fifty meters in three different tiers, and is almost one hundred meters wide.


For a river view with few people, the area of Capiz has lush landscapes for your video production. It's easy to get to by a direct flight, and gives you plenty of natural scenery without having to worry about people interfering with the shot.


When you are looking for some white sand for your video production, it's time to head over to Olotayan. With pristine sandy white beaches, it's a great backdrop for the footage you need. Early mornings and evenings are best, when the light is just right.

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