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Portugal is one of the oldest nations of Europe, a land rich with history and the memory of long-lost kingdoms and savage wars, only remembered by the many ancient walled cities and crumbling castles that have been left behind. At one time the Portuguese ruled the oceans, and carried their trade to the farthest reaches of the globe, making discoveries and first contact with many cultures, whose influence can still be seen today. Although it’s a small country, Portugal boasts some of the most beautiful scenery to be found in Europe, from the sunny and idyllic coast to the lofty mountains along its border with Spain. The interior is mostly rolling hills covered with seemingly endless vineyards. Though the people are traditional and simple, the cities are among the most modern and thriving in the world, famous for their nightlife and cuisine. There’s no lack of subject matter for video production in Portugal.

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The capital city of this westernmost nation of Europe, situated on one of the most beautiful parts of the coast, Lisbon offers an eclectic palette of the old and the new. Visit the ancient castles, monasteries, and ports, get lost in the sprawling suburbs, or film in the many extensive museums.


This historic district in the south central part of Portugal is the site of some of the most celebrated buildings and architecture in the country. It also boasts vast underground caverns, bird and wildlife sanctuaries, and the famous site of the miracle of Fatima, and offers some of the best video production in Portugal.


One of the most important cities in Portugal, it’s home to the Conimbriga Roman ruins, the famous spa of Luso, and many more historic attractions. It’s also hosts a major beach resort, and comes to life at night, with many nightclubs and world-class restaurants waiting to be captured on film.

Beira Alta

This province is situated in the mountains that separate Portugal from Spain, and as a border region it was the site of much strife in olden days, thus the many castles to be found here. The stark but beautiful mountain scenery is breathtaking, and the region is dotted with quaint villages and towns.

The Algarve

This is where the holiday merrymakers come to have fun in the sun on the beach. Hidden coves, rocky precipices, lovely beaches and warm ocean waters are to be found in abundance, and along with the historic sites to be found everywhere in Portugal, the entertainment to be found here is legendary.

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