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Puerto Rico Video Production

Puerto Rico has a wide variety of places to shoot for video production. From beautiful beaches to amazing architecture, your choices for shooting video in Puerto Rico go from quiet, natural wonders, to busy tourist towns like Guavate and Old San Juan. Whether you want to take in clips that show the lifestyle of the people living in Puerto Rico, or shoot video by a waterfall, you have plenty of places to choose from in Puerto Rico. If you are a video enthusiast and you are looking for new and exciting places to produce video, Puerto Rico will deliver.

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Top Puerto Rico Filming Destination

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse

Right on the coast, the Cabo Rojo LIghthouse offers dramatic scenery of cliffs, beautiful blue water, and plenty of coastline for your video production. When you want to add scenic views that offer drama to your video, Cabo Rojo Lighthouse is a necessary stop.

La Mina Falls

In the area of El Yunque, La Mina Falls is a gorgeous waterfall that is a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. You can go early in the morning, when the light is good and visitors haven't begun arriving yet to the falls.


To get some footage of the locals, check out the town of Guavate during the weekend when Lechon is going on. Plenty of people are around during this time, and you'll get some authentic clips of what life is like in Puerto Rico.

Raices Fountain

In Old San Juan is the amazing Raices Fountain, which offers a stunning backdrop for all kinds of video production in Puerto Rico. It's part of the Paseo De La Princesa, a promenade on the south side of Old San Juan.

Cueva Ventana

For dramatic views, check out Cueva Ventana, in the town of Arecibo. It's a cave that sees very little tourist traffic, and offers amazing views of the surrounding area. Visitors describe the cave as a window to the world and it offers incredible scenery for producing video in Puerto Rico.

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