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Qatar has the natural topography and city life to make video production a delight for both those behind and in front of the camera. Use the beaches and the dunes to showcase its dramatic natural beauty, the ruins to teach more about the culture of the past, and the busy parks to tell the story of its traditions today.

The architecture is extremely modern, yet still maintains many of the same elements of the ancient Islamic influences in its designs. When the city meets the desert and the beach, there is vibrancy and color just waiting to be captured.

There's a lot to be learned about its people by doing your own exploring of course, but there are certain spots you won't want to miss.

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Top Qatar Filming Destination

Doha Tower

Offering views of the city, sky and water, the Doha Tower is the 6th tallest building in Qatar at over 750 feet. The building has a transparent lift that gives views of the city, and would be an interesting place to film a sweeping overview of the country's capital at large.

Aspire Park

This spot in Doha is popular because it offers a very welcome contrast from the rest of the desert. You won't find any sand here — only lush greenery and lots of picnics. You can also visit Aspire Tower located in the park which originally functioned as the torch for the Asian Games held in 2006. This building is now a hotel.

The Ruins of Al Jumail

Al Jumail was a fishing village in northern Qatar that was abandoned long ago. You can explore and film this testament to history, though you'll want to remember these ruins are protected by the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage of Qatar. You'll need to be careful before disturbing anything best left at rest.

Banana Island

If you want to give viewers a sense of the luxury of Qatar, this island definitely speaks to the incredible wealth that can be found there. It's an exclusive island where you can get a 24-karat gold manicure (but not a cocktail), and it's only 20 minutes from the coast.

Al Jassasiya Carvings

These ancient markings in Ash Shamal are mysterious, which makes them instantly interesting to put on film. You can find certain carvings that may be interpreted as this animal or that plant, but much of it is left open to interpretation by the viewer.

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