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Retail Video Production

Creating videos for use by retail stores requires a careful balance between explanation and brevity. If a video is too short, it’ll seem too much like an ad and is likely to be ignored by shoppers. On the other hand, if it’s too long, people will move on once they tire of the video. Therefore, the best subjects for these videos require a bit of explanation, but not a huge amount.

Good uses of retail video include product use demonstrations, product introductions, event announcements, in-store promotions, and similar topics. Well-done videos put shoppers (both online and in-store) in the mood to buy the featured items.

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Here are some quick tips for making good retail videos:

With these tips, you can produce retail videos that will catch people's attention and increase their interest in the item or event you feature. Your brand will become more memorable as well.

Our video came out better than we expected and the platform was super easy to use. Very impressed with 90 seconds!Nik Pearson

Retail videos created on 90 Seconds

Big W
The Home of Baking – Limited Edition Mixmaster
National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre
NVPC- Giving Week (30 sec – Full Highlights)
Massey University
Retail career is more than standing at a check out | Massey University
Massey University
Sarah Gichard, retail degree student | Massey University
XPO exhibitions
Exhibiting at the NZ Gift & Homeware Fairs
Kiwi Property
The Plaza, Palmerston North – Free Style Fashion and Dance Shows!
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