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Russia. Land of the Tsars and Cossacks, with a rich history as turbulent and bloody, and as triumphant and glorious, as any nation that has existed on earth. It is the largest country by far, encompassing over 6.5 million square miles of endless mountains, steppes, and forests, from the freezing climes above the Arctic circle to the warm and sunny lands of the south. Although many in the West view Russia as a stern, dark, forbidding, and mysterious land, the truth is very different. The Russian people are friendly and welcoming, if a bit fatalistic, and their lifestyles and traditions are often very colorful and vibrant. The Russia of today is nothing like it was under the former Communist regime, and the videographer has much more freedom to travel and work. Video production in Russia could easily become a lifetime project, with an almost unlimited amount of material, both new and old.

Our Community Finance celebration video series are wonderful - a culmination of great filming, editing and project management. ThanksJanine Ogier

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Top Russia Filming Destination


The capital city of Russia is also its largest and one of the country’s oldest, dating back 869 years. The vast Kremlin complex, with its iconic spires, is the centerpiece of the city, along with the legendary Red Square, and the city is full of historic sites to visit.

St. Petersburg

The former capital of Russia is now considered to be its cultural capital, and the city is home to the Hermitage Museum, one of the world’s most extensive. Wander the quaint canals and capture the unique architecture and charm of this beautiful city and its colorful inhabitants.

Lake Baikal

Known as the ‘Pearl of Siberia’, it is the the world’s deepest and largest freshwater lake, with almost 20% of the earth’s supply within its basin. It is surrounded by picturesque mountains and forests, and several distinct cultures can be experienced in the villages along its shores.


This peninsula in the far northeast of Russia is a place of stark and primeval beauty, with its many geysers, hot springs, and volcanoes, at least 29 of them active. It is one of the most unique spots for video production to be found in Russia.


To see the traditional culture of the Russian peoples, there’s no better place than this island in the middle of Lake Onega, home to one of the most significant museums of Russian culture, surrounded by peasant homesteads where people still practice the lifestyle of hundreds of years ago.

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