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Without a doubt, China is home to some of the world's largest and most storied cities. Because China held an isolationist policy for many years, the country is still developing while other areas have already joined the modern world. This contrast in eras has made it a popular place for people to film movies. Among cities, Shanghai resides with the elite. It is a booming business capital that is rich with Chinese culture and a full-fledged metropolitan city with much to offer. It has friendly people, busy markets, beautiful gardens, and towering skyscrapers. This rich array of scenery makes video production in Shanghai a popular location for filmmakers all over the world. In fact, check out some of the top locations below.

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Top Shanghai Filming Destination

The Bund

This is a waterway in Shanghai that is close to a mile in length. Along the waterway is a long walkway that has buildings from multiple eras. It is always busy with people showing off their talents and products along with awe-inspiring boats that are passing through the passage. This juxtaposition is great for many different movie scenes.

Yu Garden

This is one of the most popular gardens in China. Sitting at an enormous five acres, this beautiful garden was put in before the year 1600 during the Ming dynasty era. It has gorgeous pavilions, unique rock structures, and the classic arched bridges that people associate with the Chinese culture.

The Oriental Pearl Tower

This tower has landed on numerous postcards that people send home from China. It is built in a futuristic style and actually acts as a TV tower. Sitting at over 460 meters in height, it even has a revolving restaurant at the top. Everyone filming a movie in Shanghai should take the time to check out this tower.

Nanjing Road

When people think of Shanghai they often think of busy city streets lined with some of the best shopping in the world. Nanjing road fits this description. Named after another city called Nanjing, the road is always busy with shoppers and businessmen that help to create a busy city feel perfect for video production in Shanghai.

The Jade Buddha Temple

The Buddhist religion is strong in China and this is still an active temple lined with beautiful jade Buddha sculptures. Anyone needing a religious background for their video production in Shanghai will want to stop by this ornate temple.

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