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Sri Lanka is located south of India in the Indian Ocean. An island country, Sri Lanka can trace its written history back for more than 2,550 years. While much of the country's terrain is rolling or flat and low plains, there are mountains located within its interior. Found in the south-central region, these mountains rise more than 8,000 feet above sea level.

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A former capital city, Batticaloa is located in Sri Lanka's Eastern Province. Batticaloa is home to coastal beaches that are largely unspoiled as well as an expansive lagoon. The lagoon is said to be the place where the Singing Fish lives. There are also beautiful paddy fields to see and historical places to explore.

Adam's Peak

A mountain rising more than 8,000 feet high near the central highlands of Sri Lanka, Adam's Peak -- which is known as Sri Pada by the locals -- features a rock formation that is in the shape of a footprint. The top of the mountain can be reached by a challenging -- but safe -- footpath that consists of thousands of steps.


Located along the southern portion of Hill Country, Ella is the ideal base from which to scout out a location for video production in Sri Lanka. Though the village is small, it offers a vibrant culture that makes it a popular spot for backpackers to rest. The Rawana Ella Falls are within a short drive and provide spectacular views as well as a place to swim. Ella's Rock provides breathtaking scenery such as tea plantations and other notable countryside views.


The settlement of Anuradhapura dates back to around 900 BC. A large and sprawling city for the 200 years it was active, Anuradhapura offers a great deal of archaeology. In addition to an archaeology museum, Anuradhapura also offers a temple, stupas, moonstones and more.


Sigiriya is the site of palace ruins that rest on top of a huge rock that is more than 656 feet high. In addition to these ruins, there are extensive gardens, reservoirs, caves, ancient paintings and more. Located in the Central Province within the Matale District, this ancient complex offers a diverse natural backdrop for Sri Lanka video production.

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