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Sweden is a Scandinavian country in the northern part of Europe. Nearly 85% of the residents live in urban areas in the city making the countryside a beautiful, largely unspoiled place to visit. Sweden is comprised of mostly Germanic people—the Norse—who have been part of the country for centuries. Sweden is a wonderful, friendly country to visit with many different landmarks and man-made places to visit, and well-worth creating video productions to remember you trip to this Nordic wonderland.

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Top Sweden Filming Destination

Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum is located in Stockholm, and it is the most popular museum in the country. Twenty million people have been to the museum since it opened to see ships from 1628. Come and get a feel for what life must have been like as a Norse sailor 400 years ago, standing on a wooden ship and bracing against the cold wind. Then take a drink of your latte and move on to the next exhibit—but not before you capture video of this beautiful wooden monument to what mankind can do.


If you like history, then visit this town that was founded in AD 980. When you come to Sigtuna, you’ll see that whoever had the foresight to put a town there was looking at the same things you or I would. The community sits by Lake Malaren, and is noted for its green landscape, its medieval churches and ruins. The town is just 45 minutes from Stockholm so it is easy to visit, but you may not want to leave.

Visby, Gotland

If a person wanted to define picturesque, this should be the destination. Old churches, a town wall with rose vines covering them, Visby is full of medieval history. Many streets are cobblestone, buildings have gables, and there are even medieval trading houses that are still standing. Visby is called the pearl of the Baltic, and one visit and you’ll know why. Take great video of your time in Visby and your friends will think you used a time machine rather than an airplane to make your trip.

Kiruna Lapland

Lapland is in the same latitude as the country of Greenland, so this is a great place to visit to see the varied environments that Swedes get to enjoy if they choose. This is an original Lapp settlement that was founded in only 1900 when ore was being mined from the nearby mountain. One of the things to see in this area, other than the beautiful countryside, is the world first ice hotel just 17 kilometers outside the city.

Abisko National Park

If scenery is your thing, the Abisko National Park in Lapland is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. Mountains, crystal clear lakes and rivers, home of the midnight sun. If you get a chance to visit this part of Lapland, don’t miss Abisko National Park.

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