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Taiwan Video Production

Taiwan is an East Asian state whose official name is the Republic of China. It shouldn't be confused with China, a country that is also known by its official name, the People's Republic of China. An island, Taiwan is located about 110 miles across the Taiwan Strait from the coast of mainland China. It is dominated by mountains on its eastern half that give way to plains that gently slope as one makes their way to the west.

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Top Taiwan Filming Destination

Penghu Islands

A collection of about 90 islands that are scattered in the Taiwan Strait, the Penghu Islands makes up the entirety of Penghu County. Many of the islands, including the three most populous ones, are connected by bridges. There is also a bridge connecting Penghu County to Taiwan. On these islands, numerous historical and scenic sites are located including the Oimei Lighthouse, the Four-Eyed Wall, Whale Cave, the Double-Heart of Stacked Stones and more.


There is a great deal of history to be found in the ancient city of Tainan. Not only is it Taiwan's oldest city, it was also an imperial capital long ago. It is the fifth largest city in Taiwan and is famous for its historic buildings and temples. Due to the close proximity of such sites as the Eternal Golden Castle and the Anping Fort ruins, as well as modern amenities -- the city is known for its snack foods -- Tainan makes the ideal location for Taiwan video production.

Yangmingshan National Park

Located in northeastern Taipei is what used to be known as Grass Mountain due to its covering of tall silvergrass. Today, Yangmingshan National Park offers unbeatable panoramic views of Taipei from an observation platform located near a bamboo lake, as well as copious displays of cherries and azaleas blossoms.

Sun Moon Lake

High in the mountains of Nantou County lies the sparkling waters of Sun Moon Lake. When coupled with its location 2,500 feet in the air amid its breathtaking mountainous backdrop, Sun Moon Lake offers much more than a picturesque location for video production in Taiwan.

Kenting National Park

Situated at the southern tip of Taiwan, Kenting National Park is well known for its gorgeous beaches and abundant vegetation. Each evening, a night market pops up along the main strip of Kenting. In addition, there are gorge views and the Oluanpi Lighthouse nearby.

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