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Teasers Video Production

So you have a terrific story, film, product, service or some other exciting offering that you want to advertise. But you don’t just want to create an ordinary commercial with a cost/benefit argument of some kind. You want to promise thrills- with thrills. You need a teaser video. To create a teaser video, you will need to be competent with your video editing software. Your cuts and transitions will need to be very precise in order to render the proper effect and to stay within the necessary time constraints. You will naturally also have to have the best equipment you can lay hands on. The amount of clips, effects, and layers that most teasers need will require a lot from your gear. For more detail on the basics of video creation, please see our other how-to articles on video production.

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iFLY Downunder
iFLY Downunder – iFly Championships 2017 – TEASER
AUT University
Internz #1 – Social Teaser
Dimension Data New Zealand
Teaser Video
Lippy Pictures
Promo for Telemovie – Jean
Santa’s Small Business
Comexposium AU
E-Commerce One to One New Zealand
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