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Teaching someone about technology though a video is not easy to do as most people will tell you that they learn better once they can actually mess around and experiment with the machinery. However, it is possible to make technology videos relevant, whether you’re marketing or appealing to those interested in learning the basics or to those who need the benefits of the more complicated aspects of the device. Knowing your audience, keeping it concise and covering the biggest questions likely to be sparked by viewers can really add to the effectiveness of your final technology video production.

Demonstrations are often perfect for videos, where one person can show how they use the software or product. The camera can zoom in and highlight the most confusing or important components as necessary. If you’re marketing a new solution (or new to the audience), don’t be afraid to start with a very simple introduction. Technology is universal, but everyone has very different experiences and acceptance levels when it comes to using it. This is another reason why having a thorough understanding of exactly who will be watching it is pivotal to connecting with your audience. Once you have an idea in mind, you can then start to construct a script and theme for the technology video production.

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